It’s on my inner white paper


For me egg is the object that tell the meaningful about life . From the structure of it such as shell,shell membrane,albumen(white),yolk and germinal disc. All of this is the structure that envelop and protect another layers ,germinal disc is the most important spot to waiting a sperm for generate a new life. I interesting this information of the structure and envelopment of egg.You can compare the structure with other things in the world such as,the structure of the universe atmosphere travel to the cell of human, it’s pass layer to layer. I’m interest this structure in human life too.In the social life you can’t know the inner of the person you see like Rineke Dijkstra, Dutch photographer said – the uniform and dressing can express the inner of some person ,someone dress up to hide something and show them self to look good in the society. For me dressing can show the character of person ,sometimes it’s effect from the inner ,subconscious or commonsense. Appearance is the physical looking that envelop and protect the body and body cover the inner, this structure is similar to egg. Inner of my life like a white paper, that generated me from birth to now by the environment. In another times this paper increase more and more information and pass day by day that all it’s in form of the “memory”


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